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 My name is Danielle and I am a make up artist based in Surrey. I specialise in Bridal make up however I also offer beauty make up for all occasions as well as one-to-one make up lessons. I began my career as a make up artist 9 years ago whilst working as a full time Nanny. Make up has always been something I have been passionate about from a young age. In 2014, after noticing that a lot of the talented make up artists I admired were actually self taught , I decided to pursue my career and teach myself  the ins and outs of make up artistry. I set up a business Facebook/Instagram account and began building a client base by taking make up appointments on my days off. Within a few years I had perfected my skills as an artist and built up an extensive client base. I was able to leave my job and pursue make up full time.

As a make up artist my motto is always 'Absolutely flawless with as little product as possible!"  I love when I hear my clients say they feel beautiful but they can't feel the make up on their skin, this is my signature style of make up. To achieve this I like to take my time applying each product to gradually build up a look that is flawless, timeless and blended to perfection!

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